Portland Oregon Corporate Lawyer & Atorney
Civil: Mr. Pitzer has litigated civil cases in both federal and state courts all across the country. Most recently, Mr. Pitzer:

  • Won a preliminary injunction against the United States of America in a highly-publicized case involving the rights of twelve Portland-area businesses to participate as authorized retailers in the USDA's food stamp program (April 2012)

  • Won a victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals in a complex dispute involving farm equipment and property rights (August 2011)

  • Won a $2 Million settlement at the close of a two-week jury trial in a fraud/construction defect case involving a prominent Oregon hotel (June 2011)

  • Won a directed verdict for the defense (plus an attorney's fee award) in a fraud/construction defect trial in Portland (November 2009)

  • Won an outright victory in a complex trade secrets case involving semi-conductor technology where the plaintiff was forced to drop its entire case (2009)

  • Won a favorable settlement after a successful injunction hearing on behalf of a lawyer sued by his former partner (2007)

  • Won an emergency injunction (which led to a favorable settlement) in a complex real estate dispute involving several million dollars worth of farm property, crops and equipment (2006)

  • Won an outright victory on behalf of a prominent group of Portland, Oregon radiologists in a multi-million dollar antitrust case (2005)

  • Won a seven figure settlement on behalf of an Oregon-based technology company in a vigorously-contested breach of contract case involving complicated issues of exclusive marketing rights (2005)

  • Won a fraud and breach of contract trial in Portland, Oregon on behalf of the purchaser of a downtown Portland restaurant who was swindled out of her down payment (2004)

  • Won a cutting-edge and highly publicized trademark trial in Portland, Oregon on behalf of a nationally recognized African musician (February 2003)

  • Won a temporary restraining order in Portland, Oregon preventing a corporate president and CEO from misappropriating trade secrets and further damaging the company's business (August 2002)

  • Won a high profile eminent domain case, featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, which saved an Illinois landowner's $35 million property (appeal concluded in the fall of 2002)

  • Tried a complex insurance coverage dispute in Philadelphia which led to a multimillion dollar recovery on behalf of a Fortune 100 company (November 2001)

  • Defended the owners of a $250 million Hawaii retail chain against an attempted takeover by a group of lenders, resulting in a highly favorable settlement on the eve of trial (January 2001)

  • Was part of the trial team that won a $133 million jury verdict in federal court in Connecticut (the largest in the state's history) in a complex financial dispute on behalf of a Fortune 100 company (July 2000)

Criminal: In addition to civil trials, Mr. Pitzer also devotes a portion of his practice, often on a pro bono basis, to criminal defense. Among other cases, Mr. Pitzer has:

  • Succesffully convinced federal prosecutors to dismiss charges of attempted murder and armed robbery by establishing that they had charged the wrong person (May 2009)

  • Won a Ninth Circuit appeal of multiple federal felony convictions on the ground that a critical defense witness should have been granted immunity (August 2008). Case set for a new trial in federal court in May 2009.

  • Won a first degree murder jury trial on behalf of a wrongly-accused mentally retarded father of four

  • Won an aggravated robbery jury trial where the alleged victim ultimately admitted that she stole the goods herself

  • Won an armed robbery jury trial where the victim had mistakenly identified the defendant

  • Won an armed violence bench trial where the police falsified their reports

  • Won a prostitution procurement bench trial on behalf of an innocent businessman who never intended to hire a prostitute

  • Won the appeal of a conviction in a first degree murder case where the appellate court concluded that the alleged eye witness never saw the shooting

  • Won a rare grant of habeas corpus from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago in a first degree murder case (later reversed by an en banc panel of the Seventh Circuit, but then reversed again on a post-conviction petition)